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GMASS LTD is the key solution to your security needs and requirements. The mission at GMASS LTD is to provide clients with reliable, honest and uttermost quality security services at any given level. Our goal is to ensure security for property, premises, businesses and life. Proficiency in security will minimize risks, avert loss and solve multiple problematic issues related to security issues.

GMASS LTD management comprises the Gurkhas Police Personnel and Armed Forces. Our company provides expert services to all our clients. Our security officers are highly trained, reliable, adequately qualified, and are availed at an affordable rate for all business clientele, be it private or corporate clients. Our team guarantees all clients uttermost satisfaction and dedication to the job provided. Additionally, our team of security personnel have ample experience in the UK private sector in the security industry. They are well vetted and certified under SIA (Security Industry Authority), whereby certification of qualification is availed. Our team is highly recognized in the industry and has been honoured in the Armed Forces with the (LSGC) Long Service Good Conduct Medal.

GMASS LTD key objective is to provide the best security services to all our clients. Working with us will guarantee you peace of mind, and a highly cost-effective and efficient solution to your security needs. Out team, personally attends to tasks and emergencies, and with optimal urgency. One of our key assets is our highly qualified Ex-military Gurkhas officers. Indeed our strength is amplified by our personnel, their adaptability to situations, their commitment, as well as, professionalism. In emphasis, we also provide our services on short-notice and in events or situations that require immediate attention.

GMASS LTD is an international firm with services offered across the UK and globally. Outstandingly, we deploy well trained and skilled personnel even on short notice. Our portfolio entails major clients in highly demanding industries and they include MOD establishments, power stations, airports, communications/technology companies, and premises that fall under Critical National Infrastructure.

Certainly, we provide the right personnel, at the right place and in due time to ensure protection and security. Assuredly, your trust is our first priority and to this end we will provide the best service to cater to your business, property, home, and premise security needs. We are confident that GMASS LTD is the best security company.

Amidst multiple security concerns and a volatile environment with regard to security, we offer to wave away your worries and protect your business, premise and property.

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Our key duty at GMASS LTD is to provide you with uttermost quality security services that are reliable and of the highest caliber. Assuredly, safety and security to your life and property is our ultimate priority.

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